The “Mami Knows Everything” Catalog

The Perfect (Snow)Storm


The Pressing Issue of Christmas Cookies


The “Very Good” Zeppole Recipe


Christmas Cards: Is it time to “stamp” them out?


The Change We Seek: Getting Out the Vote for a New Tomorrow in a Not-so-Small City

Surviving End of Daylight Savings Time or “Does Anybody (at my house) Really Know What Time It Is?”

The Miracle of a Successful Marriage

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Home Improvement: Do It Yourself or Maybe Not At All

Guilt and the Art of Blogging

Two Weddings and a Shopping Trip

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Writing Responsibly: The Surgical Art of Memoir

Being Italian in Boston: The Feast of St. Anthony and my DNA

My Life in Three Acts: A Love Story

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When the Past Meets the Present: A Canadian Vacation Reunion

The Stuff of Fairy Tales

Losing My Mind: A Weighty Conundrum

Simpler times, simpler pleasures

Coming to America:  My Grandfather’s Gift

The Backyard of My Lifetime

The Reality of Living a Life of Fantasy

The Kindest Goodbye

Fate is not Fair

A Brief Friendship, A Lifelong Legacy

The Art of Aging: The Voices and Choices of Our Generation

May and AP testing: A Retrospective Indictment

Thoughts on Becoming a Writer

A Lesson in How to Accept Graciously the Gift of Time

The Accidental Entrepreneur, or How I Started My Own Business Without A Clue

Girlfriends’ Weekend: a coming of a certain age story

The Pressures of Having Too Much Time

The Effects of Second Hand Worry

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go to Paris

A little w(h)ine on a welcome change of year…

Christmas Decorations and the Scourge of Being Merry

Mami REALLY does know everything…sometimes

Baseball and Me: Mrs. October, or My Accidental Fair Weather Fandom

The (not so) Complete Guide to Raising Adult Children

Hey, I thought I was Jewish…or The Day “23 and Me” Moved My Ethnic Cheese

The Joys of Getting a Facial and/or Saving my Poor Pores from Skin Shaming

Vacation Travel Blues: America’s tragedy

Contemplating Fate

The Thrill of The Journey that Begins at Another Journey’s End

How to (or not to) Parent a Child at Any Age (Yours or Theirs)

My Fascination with Fascinators: 37 years of Royally Fascinating Weddings

A Mother’s Tale of Regret

The Many Faces of Disordered Driving

When the “Finish Line” is in Sight

Easter – the Second Stringer

I’m Not Irish. Kiss Me Anyways!

Can you not forget and truly forgive?

The Lost Art of Selflessness

On Life, On Death…

Fashion Rules for the Over-55 Set; Common Sense for Everyone Else

Fashion: Facts and My Fiction

The Beatles…and the Meaning of Life

Snow Days, and the Fallacy of Relaxation

What’s the Big Deal about New Year’s Eve Anyways?

New Year, New You…or has that ship already sailed?