What’s the Big Deal about New Year’s Eve Anyways?

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As the hours pass, the new year approaches. And I am sitting here, doing the work of my day job – the dirty business of Guidance directing, uploading transcripts and writing recommendations.  It doesn’t get any more boring. And on such a special night… I have this nagging sense that I should be experiencing some flutter of excitement or a sense of dread, but I feel neither.  Like Barry Manilow says, “It’s just another New Year’s Eve…”.

So as I prepare to go off to a New Year’s Eve party, a small gathering of close friends with a plan of playing board games, overeating, and killing time until the BIG moment, I struggle with the simplest decision – should I change my outfit, or is what I am wearing New Year’s Eve worthy? No sequins, no gold or silver accents – just a little cotton floral dress, very everyday and dull. But then again, as Barry says, it’s just a “night like all the rest.”

The moment will come and go, and nothing will truly have changed except a number, But then again, numbers change every second. So as the 7 turns to an 8 and the year becomes 2018, not much will truly change. And that’s ok because in Barry I trust – “when we’re through this New Year, you’ll see, will be just fine”.

Happy New Year Everybody!


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One thought on “What’s the Big Deal about New Year’s Eve Anyways?

  1. We drank a toast to innocence
    We drank a toast to now
    We tried to reach beyond the emptiness
    But neither one knew how

    We drank a toast to innocence
    We drank a toast to time
    Reliving, in our eloquence
    Another “Auld Lang Syne”

    The beer was empty and our tongues were tired
    And running out of things to say
    She gave a kiss to me as I got out
    And I watched her drive away
    Just for a moment I was back at school
    And felt that old familiar pain
    And, as I turned to make my way back home
    The snow turned into rain

    Songwriters: Dan Fogelberg

    Wishing you and the Clan only the very best in 2018 and always.


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